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posted : Monday, December 26, 2011
title : a week to remember
MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!! This week or last week has been incredible. Actualy, looking back, this year is truly a great year. A lot of things happen. Great things actually and 2011 is pretty good.

Okay enough of that 'looking back' stuff. Let me tell you guys about my week. It has been a blast. First of, my birthday, 19 dec, was also my result day. I got great presents from family and friend but the greatest present that i got was me passing my N levels and going into sec 5. Yay for me!! All those hard work surely paid off.

Okay so that was just one day. Then the next day i went to drama and i was really late. We were suppose to film a video at freakin' 11am, which was pretty early cos we got no deadline. Anyways, so they filmed without me cos i came at 1pm. Well i don't blame them for doing that. i overslept and woke up really late. But even though i knew i was late, i still took my time. Hey! I need to look my best. I did like a emma watson look and.... wait i'm getting off track here. Okay so, i went to ryana aka mcshorty' house and they had a surprise birthday party for me! I was really shock. I did not expect anything like that to happen. I was truly moved by it. I almost cried. It was beautiful and amazing. I'm truly blessed to have friends like them.

Okay that's not all. I've been going out a lot lately and i've been trying out a lot of different looks. The emma watson look was the spiky lashes. I tried it and it turned out really good. I did like a dark lips look. But i didn't use lipstick for that. Instead i use lip gloss. I have a lot of lipsticks at home but all of it are my sisters. I have a lot of lip gloss and balms. i feel that i will look old using lipstick and i feel that i'm too young to use lipsticks. I do use one lipstick which is by the colour ginger brown by silky girl. It's kinda dark but because my lip is dark it sort of gives a nude look. It still adds colour but it's just not that visible. It's really smooth too.

But back to the gloss. I have a lot by remel, one of revlon and a lot of lip balms. I have a box filled of it. Just a small one. I have brands from chapstick, blistex, paw paw, carmex, nivea and body shop. I've been experimenting with all of them and they're really good. I use them all the time. It's great if you put lip balm on first before putting on any lip gloss or lipstick on. It's smoothens the texture and it's just great. I mean that's what i do but it's really up to you.

Sorry if this is really long. Maybe i should continue this another time and post pictures of it. Cos right now i have no pictures to put up. Okay this is getting way too long. BYE!
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posted : Saturday, December 17, 2011
title : the big day
Yay! I'm turning 16 on the day o the n level result. Brilliant! Such joy I feel! NOT! I feel like puking just thinking of that. Birthday is suppose to be a day you look forward to. Not a day you try to avoid! Why must this happen to me.

One of my cousin said that it's great your results is on the same day as your birthday. then if you get a good result, you can enjoy it. Maybe i should have that thinking. I mean that sounds great. But i still can't help but feel scared.

I am so blessed to have family and friends who support me. Without them, i would have gone crazy. Literally! I'm just hoping for the best. Ya allah, please help me go through tomorrow smoothly. Try to calm my heart please.
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posted : Monday, December 12, 2011
title : i'm back!
Hello or should i say g'day mate! Yes i'm back from australia and it has been the best week ever when i was there. It was the best time of my life. Seriously! I don't know whether it's because i'm around my friends or because of the atmospere there.

It was spectacular. The hostel where we stayed at was relly good too. I had a great time with my fellow team awesome people at room 120 baby! That is like the best room. And my roommates were amazing. We stayed up late just talking to each other. I had a great time talking to them and they are truly amazing people.

We also had different nicknames for team awesome people. i am crazy bitch. Yeah... weird names man. The last 2 days was great cos i hanged out at room 120. Best room. We stayed up till 4, australia time, just talking. A little bit of gossiping here and there. Anyways, i made a lot of memories at the hostel. I am not a morning person so when i wake up, i'm angry and people don't approach me at all. Oh well.

Oh and how can i forget... stephanie! She's out guide and she is an angle. She's so sweet and really nice. I miss here. Actually, everyone misses her! She's like part of the family. STEPHANIE!!

I can't really tell you much of the trip now vos my teacher told us not to like show people how awesome the trip was. It's kinda sad. And we can't post pictures on facebook too!

I miss sydney. I was like an escape from reality. How i wish i can experience it again.
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posted : Sunday, November 27, 2011
title : adrenaline rush is pumping!!

It's the day before the great trip to the beautiful AUSTRALIA! Seriously, i can't help but to get excited for the trip. I couldn't sleep properly yesterday night cos i was thinking of the trip.

Everyone is like excited for the trip! But I better not get hopes up to much. I don't want to feel sad on the trip cos it wasn't up to my expectations. I can't get to excited over the trip. I must calm down.

I hope I get to sit with my friends on the plane. It will be great if I get to sit with my friends. Wish for a safe trip there. Now I'm pretty scared. Okay! Bye!!
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posted : Thursday, November 24, 2011
title : Countdown to aussie baby!!

Woooo!!!! It's less than a week to australia baby!! I'm so excited for it. I'm actually flying of on monday. That is like really soon man! Oh yeah!

I have been preparing for the trip and it's been pretty hectic. It's probably because of the packing and the drama rehearsals. I also had a lot of family events to attend. Oh ya! And prom.

I've gotta say that i wasn't impress by prom. I mean other than the fact that everyone, including me, looks awesome, i was just boring. I'm sorry! I have to admit it. There wasn't much happening and i was not enjoying myself at all. The only thing i like that night was the photo taking session. Love that part. It is like whenever the camera comes on, me, iffah and caven immediately go to a model mode. It is like automatic. Immediately, we pose and the photo does turn out great.

That was great. But during the whole time, my mind was thinking of the trip to australia. Seriously! I couldn't help but discuss the trip with iffah and caven. We were like, "we're gonna take a lot of pictures there". Oh my gosh! I'm seriously excited for it! Can't wait for it to start.
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posted : Saturday, November 12, 2011
title : outcast

Have you ever felt like an outsider? Always feel like you're lonely? Outcast seems like the perfect word for it. I kinda feel that way sometimes. It obviously makes you sad. For me, that feeling makes me want to cry.

This is sort of going to be an emotional post, again.

I handle a lot of these cases. At least once every year. It kinda hurts and i actually for the first time i felt like crying. I guess it's because i'm older now and after what happen (something that i should not tell you guys) i'm not brave, at all. I felt small and helpless. I do try. But i just get pushed away. That seems pretty emo. Oh my! Sound so unlike me. Weird... okay just need to be happy. And the only way to do that is eat takoyaki/ tako balls. (Which ever you prefer) i don't know. Whenever i take my first bite of that delicious takoyaki, it's like i am immediately sent to heaven! It's just pure blissful.

I just want to talk to iffah about this but she's overseas!! Oh my god! Sad for me. Where are you!? Hurry up and come back!! Oh well no matter what, there is one thing i know of. If you cry, i doesn't mean that you are weak, you're human and once in a while, you gotta cry. Let all the negative out and take in all the positive.
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posted : Friday, November 4, 2011
title : Oh my LORD!

Okay.. eventhough the picture is pretty funny to me, the post is gonna be a little bit emotional. I heard a story just now from my friend about this worker. It's probably gonna be the same as one of my other post but this can be even worse.

Although i don't know her, she brought up a lot of negative emotions. Not only to me but probably to her other colleages. I was furious and disgusted by her ways and i am sure i wouldn't want to work with such a person. Now here's the story.

So she new at my friend work place, but she acts as though she knows everything. She sort of brought accross not really a powerful attitude. Umm.... just acting as one, i guess. I also felt that she was a little bossy and she is just plain RUDE. RUDE is the perfect word for her. I was absolutely angry when my friend told me that she talked back to a 47 years old woman when she is just only 24 years old. That is a 23 years of gap there.

Not only did she talked back to that woman she complained to her boss. Mind you that she just started working there for about a week, not even two. The reason why she talked back to the woman was because she was forced to work on the day in lieu of hari raya haji. Now i know she was angry but it was her turn to work on that day cos the rest of the worker are all muslims. Other than that, that 47 year old woman hold the position that is above her. She was that store manager and the girl is merely a part-timer.

Now i'm mad at her for telling the boss about the fact that she has to work on that day that she's suppose to. Anyways it is a must for her to work on that day because it's her job to do it. But i'm not as mad as when i heard that she talked back to that women. She is 47 years old! Come on! How rude are you! How dare you talked back to an older person in that tone and you expect her to listen to you? Let's be real here.... who has more power in this situation? A 47 years old worker who has been working there for a long time, is the store manager and is well respected by many people versus a 24 years old, powerless, stuborn and probably immature girl. Who will win?!

For me, i would go for the store manager. Won't you? How can you disrespect a person that is way older than you! It's the same thing as disrespecting your parent. That was why i was angry. The boss obviously told that girl to work on that day. Such a inmature girl. How do you expect a person to respect you if you don't even respect other. She should grow up, realise her role in the place and show respect to people. Otherwise, people would not want to be around you if you don't respect them.

Alright that's all i wanted to say. I just wanted to write about this story cos my friend was angry and i was shock and also angry. Well then... I shall write again soon when something interesting happens! BYE!
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